what a day! rain, rain, rain this morning and feeling rather grot. Took a trip to the Cake decorating place in search of those columns that hold one cake on top of another and also some little birds – place was shut! So, finished off my book (The Burning Times, very good – a bit Dan Brownish but before he was around) and went to the library with Catherine and John. Then popped into the supermarket for some lunch supplies and Catherine requested a Scotch egg, so got one for her and one for John…was examining till receipt on the way back to the car and realised that they had charged me £3.56 for them. Now if they had been made with ostrich eggs fine – but these were little chicken egg Scotch eggs and I had been diddled! Returned pronto and got me a refund…sadly, Booths do not do the Tesco thing when they make a boo boo.

The grot developed into a migraine so this afternoon was a wash out! I blame it on the Scotch egg incident and the fact that the dvd I borrowed of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is set in the nineteenth century! Watched about 15 mins of it before the head could take no more and I had to close my eyes, Shakespeare-speak sounds odd set in the nineteenth century and there were bicycles and I was so looking forward to it.

Got my teacher presents all lined up on my shelf and only the little books left to make and some fancy confetti stuff to put inside (shredded tissue paper is what Teachertins_3 I mean there!) Thanks to jo.bee on uks for the tip about the little Asda tins.

Now…have I got the date/time thing changed right?

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2 Responses to gah!

  1. Natty says:

    They are all fabulous! Wow, and what a load of work must have gone into them. :oD

  2. Natty says:

    Oh and Tree, I’ve tagged you! Welcome back to blog land! :oP

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