Bewitched by the frog at the bottom of the garden…

Frog Replacement little known fact : this little known fact begins with a rather well known and much jested about fact…that of my inability to leave my town of residence. Yes you see, it seems that it is a very rare occurence that I am actually able to leave this place. Theories have been put forward such as a) she doesn’t want to go out and b) she isn’t allowed out 😮 and c) life just keeps getting in the way. However, it is time for the truth to come out now. One day, I was gardening away at the bottom of our garden and I heard a strange little sound. It wasn’t a particularly frightening sound nor was it a familiar sound…it was something along the lines of a little squeak. Now, living next door to a field full of bunny rabbits as we do, I assumed that it was a cute little bunny hiding in the bushes from my naughty cats. This turned out not to be the case – it was in fact a very, very LARGE frog…I am scared of frogs (my cat once brought one into my bedroom in the middle of the night) and upon regarding this awesome beasty I gave a yelp of horror. The frog was so affronted by my revulsion and fear that it immediately cast a spell upon me, that spell being that I was never again to leave this town in which I reside. (On occasion, I have managed to slip out by means of devious disguise) So, there you have it – little know fact no. 7 (thereby replacing the all too well known Midsomer Murders affliction) is that I have been bewitched by a rather large and grumpy frog!

and if that one won’t do well, I have always wanted to write a book!

Kathie – you are tagged 😀

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2 Responses to Bewitched by the frog at the bottom of the garden…

  1. Gallifrey says:

    So that is why you have not been to visit me in my time of affliction??

  2. Cara says:

    Yuk – did you have to show us such a gross photo!
    Did you not know that I’m seriously scared of frogs – slimy, horrible, smelly creatures. How could anyone like them…

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