Milestone birthday…

50birthday yes, we have one of those today – somebody in this house is 50 years old (it’s not me!). Whipped up a very quick card last night to celebrate the occasion, I am notoriously bad at man cards but I did use the Happy Birthday cuttlebug embossing folder that I bought a while ago (it’s getting a fair bit of use) and a badge from Tescos…I instructed that it must be worn for the duration of the day but for some reason, the birthday boy left for the office without putting it on! Not my most inspiring card ever but it was liked and the smallness of the 50 was much appreciated!

Have just taken delivery of this little beauty from my lovely postman.Redharvest I saw it first on a website called Erica’s in the States and then she popped up on the Cotton Patch website as a kit with instructions. She arrives as just a printed piece of calico and all of the colour that you see is appliqued onto the panel, just hope I can do a good job of her because she will look lovely on the wall in here – there was a blue option as well which was also gorgeous but the wrong colour for this room. To be truthful I should not have bought her just yet as I have things a plenty on the sewing machine – the quilt I posted a pic of the other day and also 4 other appliqued quilts all about coffee. I did buy her though as I feared she might sell out, especially with the Festival of Quilts going on in August and of course, I would have waited to purchase her there but I can’t go…I’m going on a surprise weekend away that particular weekend. So, I had a little chat with my postie this morning (as always!) and quizzed him a little about the strike later this week (wondering whether my punches/stamps will arrive before then you see) and he tells me – and I post it here for all other stalkers of post, that the strike is scheduled to go from 7pm Thursday night until 7pm Friday night unless an agreement is reached before then. So really, I should get off here and get my cjs finished and posted so that they don’t get ensnared in any unfortunate backlog.

Oh – the 7 facts, I’m having trouble with those, fear I am not all that interesting lol!

Fact 1 : I used to be a nurse (oh yes!) and then I moved to administrating and ran an admin office for a metal stockholding company and then…I had babies šŸ™‚

Fact 2 : I have extremely large feet for a person of small stature – 5’3" and size 8 feet! how did that happen – somebody stole my extra height inches I think!

Fact 3 : I loathe foods that are cream/white. I can’t stand dairy cream and any sort of sauce that is white is not coming anywhere near my mouth.

Fact 4 : I have an embarrassing fondness for Midsomer Murders šŸ˜®

Fact 5 : I love sewing šŸ˜€ (oh you knew that already so I suppose it doesn’t count ) errm – let me see, it took me until the age of 15/16 to catch on to how to do purl stitch, just couldn’t get my head around the right handedness of it all but once I did I was away and knitting little jumpers for my nephews in my school holiday (ok yes, I was not a very adventurous child, I realise I should have been out and about and so on but I was a bit of a goody goody)

Fact 6 : I hated art at school with a passion that was unequalled. I feared the art room and was miserable in it – made worse in year 2 (which is prob. year 8 in modern times) by Mrs. Bradley insisting that I sit and draw birds feet for the entire two hour lesson…which leads me straight into fact 7…

Fact 7 : I am very scared of birds! no wonder really is it – all those birds feet I drew! Now when I say I’m scared of them – this doesn’t mean I don’t like them, I have a great fondness for all things tweety (I have a little tweety light in my craftroom in fact) and I love owls and even allowed myself to be photographed holding an owl but…when they flap their wings and fly near my head I turn to jelly!

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3 Responses to Milestone birthday…

  1. Gallifrey says:

    I knew about Midsomer Murders – so think of another one!

  2. Natty says:

    Yeah Tree, what happened to the fabrication?? Your fondness for Midsomer is already rather well known… embarrassingly! :oP

  3. Sally R says:

    She looks lovely Tree, just fab. What a pity you can’t come to the Festival of Quilts. It will be my first time so I’m really looking forward to it.

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