Wet and wintery Thursday…

It looks like winter outside – there is that fine, drizzly rain coming down that looks like not much but soaks you to the skin and the sky is as grey as a November day – I have had to put lights on in the house!

I’m sitting listening to Rodrigo’s guitar concerto, love that and haven’t had it on in a while and am just playing it onto the computer so I can put it onto my mp3 player. I tried to learn the guitar when at school but it was not the instrument for me – I wanted to learn the piano really, lol! (and thanks to a very kind music teacher who let me practise on one of the school pianos I did get to learn).

My most hated household task – I could say ironing but that is made bearable by the playing of some television (usually Midsomer Murders!), cleaning the oven…ugh! I have purchased a bottle of gloop and the racks and grill pan are currently soaking in the thoughtfully provided plastic bag. Goodness knows what’s in the gloop, some skin dissolving product no doubt as it insists you wear the thoughtfully provided gloves while attending to the oven and its racks!

It’s bizarre how many charger uppers a person needs these days – mobile phone, mp3 player, battery chargers for rechargeable batteries (!), camera, drill, gameboy and so on and so on. We have a charger upper basket full to the brim of charger uppers – they mysteriously entangle themselves around each other so that when you go to get one out it’s always ensnared by half a dozen more charger upper wires. I was going to post a picture of the cheeky Parker the cat who has always loved to sit on my desk. I have been trying to discourage this behaviour for years now to absolutely no avail…until now! My desk is covered in ‘stuff’ and it must be of such a lumpy, uncomfortable nature that she has had to go and find another hidey hole. This turns out to be my new shelves, the bottom one. I have my little mini ironing board propped up against it and she has installed herself behind that and keeps peeking out at me to see if I’m going to shoo her away! There were two of them in there yesterday, all snuggled up and cozy. I can’t photo this cheekiness however because my camera battery has died and I have had to do battle with the charger upper basket so I can charge it up!

In boiler news – we await a new part, hopefully being fitted today/tomorrow so the end of the wartime bath is in sight šŸ˜€ and the predicted new boiler will hopefully not be required after all.

In car news – mine is going to the garage again tomorrow and John’s returned from the garage with a broken radiator grill šŸ˜® I was in just the right mood to get on the phone about that yesterday but for some reason…I wasn’t allowed!

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One Response to Wet and wintery Thursday…

  1. Natty says:

    I would love to be able to play the guitar… {sigh}
    Well I have given up on any post this week – nothing for me. :o(
    And have you seen the latest sneaks on the blog??? The stamps are going to be so hard to resist. :oO

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