Soggy Sunday

yep…wet again! Typically, the sun came out yesterday while I was indoors having a hoot of a time at our crop.

In boiler news – it is fixed without the need for a whole new one. In fact, it’s working so well that it was positively tropical here on Friday and we had to go and turn down its thermostat!

In car news – it’s not fixed but hopefully something will be happening on that front tomorrow although I have been allowed to gently drive it around. I did have a rather nice shopping time while it was in the garage being diagnosed  – did underwear shopping for myself and Catherine in the new M&S…I bought my 10 year old child multitudinous pairs of Bridget Jones knickers 😮 that wasn’t on purpose, they looked nice in the packet and I wasn’t thinking that there were the reams of different types of knicker for girls that there are for ladies! (actually…she loves ’em – her Mother’s daughter!)

No sign of any post for me while I was out yesterday. I await a copy of Scrapbook Trends and also the lovely Papertrey stamps and those long drooled over scallop punches (not the whole collection for goodness sakes, just 3 of them!) I’m looking forward to those arriving but in the meantime, I have plenty of things to be getting on with. Had a little play with the Bind it All at the crop yesterday (with some assistance from Kathie who worked out what the ‘continuous’ instructions were talking about!) but we failed to work out how to use the setting for covers in conjunction with continuous punching – no matter, I settled for two lots of spirals instead of a continuous one.

Have just finished off reading the Libby Purves book which is (at the moment) listed as my current read – hmm, it was okay…possibly okay enough for me to try another one of hers but my word it was an angst ridden book and I think the ‘heroine’, if one can call her that, was a bit hard done by in some respects. I may move onto an Elizabeth Chadwick next – I’ve not read one of hers in a while and it might be time to zoom back to the 12th century again for a little while. I do now have a nice stash of books to take away on holiday with me (courtesy of small trip round Borders on Friday) – if we go! I am not up for a tenting trip in the current climate. In some strange and bizarre contrary fashion, John keeps turning up with additions to our tenting supplies which have grown over the years… the best one of these is a cooker thing with a grill (toast!) – personally, I think his aim is to encourage the weather into performing better I fear though, that he is simply scaring it away 😮

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