I am having a massive tidy up before the holidays begin…it’s all the fault of the new tele! Once again, we’ve turned the house upside down however – I have finally removed all traces of ‘office’ from our bedroom and its now all sparkly clean; there is more space in the conservatory and a new shipment from Ikea sits proudly in the sitting room (if a little largely 😮 ) I am on a mission to banish clutter (well, most of it anyway!) In the wake of all this rearranging and activity my poor scrapping palace has once again fallen victim to an influx of ‘stuff’ awaiting reassignment…there is a telescope in here for goodness sakes. No wonder I’m not making anything much at the moment, I just can’t craft in a chaotic environment…and I have stuff to do, my teacher gifts need finishing off and I have my Shakespeare cj to construct…excited about making that, have ideas floating around in my brain as I am driving along in the (still broken but getting fixed on Friday) car!

While awaiting the fixing of my wheels I shall tootle up the road to the retail park again (such an inconvenience that, snigger!) and invade Hobbycraft for a nosey and some red roses and then I shall take myself off to Borders for some R&R. Could do with going there today really as Catherine has informed me that there is another male teacher that I need to buy for…when I was at primary school I had just the one teacher…I think I am up to 9 teacher gifts now between the two of them so must get on as I have tags to make for the little buckets.

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One Response to Tidying…

  1. BevS97 says:

    OOh, new blogginess… Off to have a read / catch up

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