The joy is in the giving…

LGiftsast night we finished off the teacher presents – ladies have lovely Lush bath bomb and a Yankee candle with a little extra for Catherine’s class teacher of a book voucher. We didn’t think Mr Hodge (Matthew’s class teacher) would appreciate the smellies (lol!) so we are sending him for Starbucks and a new book at Borders!

Gifts2_3 Suddenly realised last night that there was no way the chicks would carry these to school along with the rest of the junk necessities they take with them, so a box was located and they’ve gone in that (after small argument as to who would be carrying the box!) Anyway…there they are (following little argument about where the box should sit in the car etc) Think the box was a bit overkill but it’s all I could find having sent every single cardboard box into school over the last few weeks for robot making! (just to say – Catherine *does* her hair in the car so she won’t be rolling up at school quite like that! apparently, it’s a time saving thing.)

Was going through some photos last night with a view to getting a load printed out…thinking it might encourage me to get some scrapping done. I think this is the longest ever time that I have not scrapped for (since Feb 😮 ), I have been making other stuff mind you. I’m expecting a little delivery of some new paper to encourage me along (well, any excuse eh :snigger: )

Oh yes…check back at that photo of the chicks this morning – THE SUN IS SHINING IN IT, I thought it had forgotten how!

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3 Responses to The joy is in the giving…

  1. Natty says:

    Oh hurrah they are off to their new owners! :oD
    So what’s the next project then?? :oP

  2. BevS97 says:

    So many presents! i had to do 4, as Molly has 3 teachers and I thought that was rather a lot. We did sweeties in decorated jars, and I am not sure the teachers were particularly impressed if I am honest, they seemed a little underwhelmed. Oh well-the kids enjoyed making them

  3. Tree says:

    That’s a shame Bev 😦 but at least the kids had some fun 🙂

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