Split personality…

think I have one of those myself from time to time lol! Finally managed to get Splitpersonality_2 something made 😀 this is a page in a cj that I’m taking part in on UKS, one of the most fun ideas for a cj imho – we send around a stamp with our book and each person must make use of the stamp on their entry…quite a challenge sometimes but I’m having great fun with it. The stamp in this instance was the head…the one I’ve chopped to bits 😮

Need to get a move on with my Shakespeare cj before Kathie notices I’ve not mentioned making it 😮

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2 Responses to Split personality…

  1. Cara says:

    Love the CJ entry – it’s fab! I found that stamp so hard to use

  2. Gallifrey says:

    I HAD noticed. Love that CJ entry. Split personality? Is there something you need to be telling us?

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