Bargains_2 love a bargain! Yesterday we were in one of the local shops and I spotted that cream coloured thingummyjig in the photo, I was eyeing it up all the way down the aisle thinking it looked fair altering game! Up close and personal it revealed itself to be a bargain…25p! Of course once I had discovered that it just had to come home with me and I have plans to make a little shelf on it for a bird to sit upon.

Today we went to Woolworths (pronounced Walrus in Master Moore terminology) in search of a bird cage but there was no cage to be had…however, that tealight holder took my eye and I envisioned little fairies sitting in the tea light part so that came home too!

Must stop buying stuff and make my Shakespeare cj, I see that Kathie’s eagle eye has not missed the fact that I am making no progress 😮 (planning though, it’s all planned out in the head and planning is, after all, half the job isn’t it?)

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One Response to bargains…

  1. Natty says:

    What are you like… lol
    I am looking forward to seeing the birdie treatment I must say! :oD

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