good times…

a whole afternoon and evening out on Saturday without getting wet! We had a lovely time at the Burnley Balloon Festival and the night time glow was well worth the wait – we spent hours in the afternoon flying kites and didn’t get home until almost 11pm! Lovely bbqing and socialising on Sunday and today some good fresh air and hard work in the garden. SO good to get out of the house and enjoy the outside without getting wet!

Have some lovely photos from Saturday which I may scrap – am tempted to use a mini book for them…actually, I am cropping on Saturday so that is the perfect opportunity! Not getting much playtime at home at the moment.

Today my feathered friends arrived in a box – pic tomorrow! I was restrained as to how many I ordered as I wasn’t sure what the quality would be. It took me the longest time to find somewhere that sold pretend birds and then that place was in the States. As there are postal strikes going on I hadn’t expected to receive them for a while but…they were posted from the States on Friday and arrived here this morning – unbelievable! They’re gorgeous too, really lovely…just need a little play time now and at least one of them will be gracing the 25p bargain!

Also received some Crocs this morning – John is horrified by them. They are of the Athens style (flip flop type) and really the brightest lime green and pink you could find…perfect! They are unbelievably comfortable.

Finished my latest book this evening – The Jaguar Mask, which I picked up in the library last week…hmm, bit too much blood and gore for me and the writing wasn’t that great. Maurice and his Educated Rodents I finished on Friday night – not so good as the other Pratchett’s I’ve read but I enjoyed it and of course, my favourite character DEATH made an appearance towards the end – I couldn’t possibly comment on what he was up to in case anybody is wanting to read the book themselves 🙂

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