wonderful, wonderful sunshine again today. The chicks are outside with their friends being entrepreneurs…they’re selling stuff! It’s all going well, they seem to be making a fortune – I’m hoping one of my two is gearing up to become a future Alan Sugar type!

All this entrepreneurial activity has meant that I had a choice…mow the top lawn at the back or…make something. Well, I find the sunshine inspires me and lifts my spirits and makes me feel creative and happy – plus, the climbing frame is too large for me to move on my own in order to do a proper job on the grass. Shakespearecover_3 I made a start on my Shakespeare cj at long last, now the outside of it may lead to a little confusion, my cj is not all about Romeo and Juliet but I couldn’t resist making a little theatre for the cover (inspired by an article in Somerset Studio some while ago) and after many searches on the internet the best pics I downloaded were those to do with R&J! My theme is ‘love’ and so inside I shall do a title page in order to squash any confusion I might have caused with the cover.

Birds I’ve taken a pic of my birds…a pretty little cage arrived for them this morning, well for one of them, they’re not all going in it! Didn’t realise when I ordered it that there is a cute little swing inside the cage. It really is very pretty and was another bargain buy at the cost of £3. Really though, I mustn’t purchase anymore ironmongery now, enough is enough! The beautiful dove is going on the 25p bargain from last week. Not sure why I bought the red bird (I am not keen on red!) but she’s a little sweetie!

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