it’s been a busy, busy summer on the home front – hopefully things are calming down a bit now. Last weekend we managed to sneak off for our Extravaganza weekend – planned, executed and paid for all in secret by Dr. Computer himself! It was a truly fabulous weekend and I would show you a pic but Photoshop is not helping me out this morning! Suffice it to say, one of the things on my ‘want to do’ list was struck off in a very luxurious fashion.

We set out on Saturday afternoon having left the chicks with my sister and got on the train for Preston (so I was told!). Being a bit of an Agatha Christie I determined from this tiny amount of info that we were headed to Manchester (because we have to train into Preston first from here). However…we remained on the train at Preston – cue sniggers from Dr. C who was delighted with his deception. We alighted at Lancaster and hopped onto another train – this led me to believe we were going to the Lakes. Now, the Lake District is indeed a lovely place but myself and Dr. C have different ideas of what should be done there – mine lend themselves to LEISURELY strolls followed up with some sort of nourishment, his on the other hand tend towards the mountain climbing experience. So, it was with some trepidation that I viewed the names of the stations that we passed through and breathed a sigh of relief when we left behind anything that might have taken us to a mountain. We alighted this time in Edinburgh – great 😀 no mountains – apart from that steep hill up to the castle of course which, in my belief that we were going to see the Tattoo I was prepared to saunter up. This wasn’t to be I was told – upon trying to book very early this year, the tickets were all sold out and by the way, you need to be up early in the morning 😮 I’ll cut to the chase because it was exciting – next morning, we breakfasted in fabulous style with a grand view of the castle (it was almost on my knee we were so close) and departed for yet another train station and boarded the Northern Belle Orient Express – too fabulous for words, I would have been happy to just simply sit in it and wait for Hercule Poirot to walk by but were continually treated to champagne, fabulous food and good coffee all the way up to Oban while viewing super scenery out of the window (that’s how I like to view scenery – not by walking up a mountain!). We took the ferry to Mull and went to Duart Castle where we had a lovely tour and tea/cake. Back on the train – more champagne :sigh: the hardship!!! and then once under way they began to serve dinner…I had ducked out of the traditional Scottish Cullen Skink having suffered experienced it the previous evening and passed it over to Dr. C…such was the sumptuousness of this wonderful train that they were able to whip up an alternative in short order and presented me with a far more acceptable starter!

So – a wonderful, wonderful weekend with conversation that didn’t include ‘Mummy’ every 5 seconds…that in itself was a most  bizarre experience as I think the last time we went out alone was some 6 years ago! (not that I didn’t miss the chicks, I did but – they haven’t managed to conquer the need to punctuate every conversation I have with a ‘Mummy’ demand request!)

I am behind with everything due to our weekend excursion and lots of hospital visiting although fingers crossed Dad will be well enough to come home soonish. Below is a cj entry for Flo’s Just a Stamp cj which is the beginning of my catching up effort!

Justastamphand_2 I’ll just clarify because John said it wasn’t obvious until I’d pointed it out :sigh: The squares with the ‘view’ on are the kitchen window in front of which the hands are doing the washing up! Flo’s stamp was the hand – I tried unsuccesfully to reverse the image with my brayer but I fear that my black ink wasn’t staying wet enough for me to get a nice image…and that would be my sarcastic sense of humour on the right hand side of the page 😮

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One Response to AWOL!

  1. Janice says:

    Oh matey your weekend sounds truly wonderful! I am so glad you got to have a lovely, well deserved break! What a whizz Mr. C. is setting this all up as a surprise!
    You must share photos when you have them!

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