gosh, it’s quiet around here…

Backtoschool today is back to school day! There is no television noise, no Playstation noise, no playing noise and no thundering up and downstairs. The chicks were most excited to go back to school – yesterday we spent quite a bit of time getting prepared (aka ORGANISED – Sue, you would be proud!). My black Sharpie did overtime on bag and pump labelling and the sewing machine did it’s bit with labels in new uniform. This morning the sun was shining for my yearly back to school photo and we arrived at school at exactly 8.45! (looks like it was shining a bit too much, it’s rather burnt out at the top there, tsk!)

A note re: Matthew’s hair…When I first started taking him to the barber I had not the faintest clue what to ask for – all that "I’ll have a number 3 please" business – too confusing and there is a risk of ending up totally bald. Finally, I found a lovely lady barber who knows exactly what we want without me having to speak in number code and she does a wonderful job (she even gives Catherine and myself the occasional trim) however…she is closed on Mondays 😮 So, with some trepidation we walked up the road to the ‘Other Barber’ who does not know us and we entered and waited our turn.

I was sweating with fear over the problem of what to ask for…I had heard mention in the lovely lady barber’s of no. 2 and thought fine, I’ll ask for that but then…I see a boy in the chair getting what I think I overhear as being a no. 3 and think crikey…if they cut Matthew’s that short he surely will look bald. So…I whisper to the Dad who’s son is in the chair "is that a no. 3 your son is having? I hope you don’t mind me asking but we don’t usually come here" "Not at all," says Friendly Dad, "We don’t usually come here either, in fact the last time we came they wrecked his hair." Pause for much palpitating of the heart as I worry that ruined hair will not have time to grow back BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. "Just make sure you ask them to go around his ears or they’ll go straight across," advises Friendly Dad – who it turns out, uses the same lovely lady barber as us. At this point I have horrifying visions of tram lines on Matthew’s head and decide to plump for asking for a no. 4 on the basis that whilst the no. 3 suits Son of Friendly Dad, it is too short for Matthew’s much lighter shade of hair. All I can say is, THANK GOODNESS I didn’t go with my original plan of the no. 2 because look how short it is 😮 Thankfully, Matthew is ok with it and it doesn’t look awful – just VERY short! (and it will grow!)

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One Response to gosh, it’s quiet around here…

  1. Gallifrey says:

    They both look so grown up! Especially Matthew with his very “on trend” haircut. Enjoy your peace, it will soon be October!

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