the end of a good affair…

yes, I finished The Eyre Affair – splendid, excellent, thoroughly enjoyed it! Now I am in the ‘post-good-book-doldrums’ and hoping that the library quickly gets hold of book no. 2 for me to read! I ought to press on with the Bill Bryson book but strangely, it’s not grippping me…maybe if I could get beyond the first chapter (which has afforded me a few sniggers and giggles) I would be able to press on a bit with it!

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One Response to the end of a good affair…

  1. Flo says:

    oh oh oh
    I’ve never met anyone else who has even HEARD of Jasper Fforde before 🙂
    As someone whose avatar on hockey forums is the Swindon Mallets logo (that sure confuses the colonials :)), whose ebay addy is Thursday.Next, and whose yahoo ID is fforde_freak, you might guess I’m a bit of a fan too.
    All the TN books are brilliant, you won’t be disappointed in any of them.

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