Lady Parker…


has been my friend for 16 years, through the best and worst of times, today we said goodbye and I am heartbroken.

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5 Responses to Lady Parker…

  1. KAREN says:

    (((((Tree))))) i’m so sorry Tree 😦

  2. Natty says:

    Oh Tree, I am so sorry. :o(

  3. Cara says:

    (((hugs))) – wish I could say something to make it better 😦

  4. SueC says:

    sorry late in posting here but (((hugs))) they are part of the family and when they go we feel the loss just as much.

  5. Helen Murphy says:

    Just found this as you my Team Leader on the CC and want to say I know just how you feel as if you see my usual avatar you will see my boy of 16 years old who we said goodbye to in January this year. They never leave your hearts and even my 4 year old still talks about him. We now have two ginger kitten (well now 6 months) as well as our other older cat (17 now!) and he has still left a big hole in our lives, they may be gone but never ever forgotten. Sending you {{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}

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