readling list update…

I realised after Flo’s Thursday Next comment that I hadn’t updated my ‘just read’ list in quite some time. I have consumed all of the Thursday Next books and all of Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series of books and I now need these two authors to get writing some more books for me! I loved Thursday Next, couldn’t put the books down and read them one after the other – I borrowed them from the library…just in case I didn’t like! Of course, now I would like them to be sitting on my shelves – the covers alone are worth the purchase.

I received Equal Rites for my birthday…I’m making my way through Terry Pratchett’s huge output of books, and have read that now – Kathie was right, Granny Weatherwax is a great character, the story was a little lacking but Granny was fabulous. Having come to the end of a run of great books I was at a loss as to where to move onto next. I settled, last night, on one of the Sandi Toksvig books that Kathie lent me aeons ago and so far so good šŸ˜€

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2 Responses to readling list update…

  1. Gallifrey says:

    At last “Flying Under Bridges” and there are planty more Garanny W stories.

  2. Ruth says:

    I blame you totally for the fact that I am now addicted to Jasper Fforde! Have even got Al listening to them on audiobooks….

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