a crafter’s return…

It seems I CAN still make stuff in spite of life doing its best to persuade me otherwise! I am looking forward to the cybercrop this weekend and have managed this week to put the pp on the pages and decorate the cover of an album for Shimelle’s Scrap your Year project.
The pages are just covered with patterned paper and cardstock at the moment, so no really interesting pictures of those as yet. Today is the day for taking the photos though – first photo of the day was a pic of my alarm clock – as per the prompt. In all honesty, I did not dare do it at the actual moment I woke up – don’t think himself would have been too pleased about me photoing @ 5am ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m going to have my hair cut this morning (again!) so I’m thinking I may try to persuade my hairdresser to let me snap a pic mid-cut!

This is a pic of a fabric layout for the fabric cj I’m running on UKS – poor little thing has been sitting waiting to be posted for some time now – hopefully our problems are all ironed out and this pic of a tree by Tree is now winging its way to the next person on the list ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a tonne of things to do today including some sympathy acknowledgement cards for my f-i-l. He tried to buy something from the shops but was told these things weren’t made any longer – well, they are now…by me and he is really pleased with them and hopefully they’ll make the task of saying thankyou to a lot of people a little easier for him.

At some point during the day – I really need to finish my Mystery Kit entry!

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