Tick Tock…

here's a clock! I bought this at the Bolton show and was determined it wasn't going to sit, undecorated in a cupboard. I have a bit of a 'thing' for clocks and watches. My original plan was to set to work with paint and stamps and such however, that birdie paper by Stemma was calling to me – I just love it! So, no wonderful piece of arty playing but a very pretty birdie house instead 🙂 The little circles for the numbers I cut with a nestability and then bejewelled the numbers onto them. The smoke coming out of the chimney is a Bubbly Funk chipboard shape. So tempted to decorate a chipboard bird and put him sitting on the roof but I'm resisting for now!

Oh – do you see what the clock is sitting upon ? My incomplete printer's drawer 😮 I'm still collecting ephemera for it – it's theme is…birds, lol!

We're off to see the new Indiana Jones film today, something about crystal skulls! I'm a bit sleepy after 3 days of gardening so it may be necessary to have an extra shot in my Starbucks to keep me awake 😮

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One Response to Tick Tock…

  1. Carole says:

    Ooh, I do love that clock! What brand is it? (not that we need any more clocks in this house…)

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