rain stopped play…

outside, but not indoors! Just about all of today's plans have been done for by the rain. So, what do you do on a rainy day ? Well, craft of course 😀 Catherine has finished off her slippers that she brought home from school, Matthew has watched Sponge Bob music on U-Tube and I've scrapped…John went for a quick cycle in defiance of the wet and got drenched 😮

I used a sheet of some very pretty Luxe Designs paper cut up into strips and you know, the scan doesn't show its prettiness off at all – there is sparkle and shine on there. I made a little investment into some Petaloo flowers this week and very nice they are too 😀 This was last year's crop weekend away and a very smashing time we had too – don't think we actually managed to get out of pyjamas on the Saturday as we were so busy scrapping and laughing, lol! Some inspiration for this layout from Triple the Sketch -  a very nice blog, go check it out.

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One Response to rain stopped play…

  1. Carole says:

    Oh that is very nice indeedy! Mind if I scraplift?

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