Absent without leave…

It's been a while since I posted…again! September flew by with the excitement of new school and organishing after school activities and such and a few nasty migraines. Into October and I think the new school thing is licked now and apart from a nasty bug brought home from school that was passed onto me last weekend things are going well. Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely day out in Stratford with the girls to see Love's Labours Lost. It was the first time that I've seen this one and it didn't disappoint. It was fabulous – great acting, a great set on the stage (a fantastic huge tree with sparkly dangly bits!) and super dancing and singing…I thoroughly enjoyed both it and the company.

When time has permitted lately, I've been finishing off a few sewing projects…no scrapping has taken place for quite a while now – I will be putting that to rights on our scrapping weekend away in November though šŸ™‚




Have been mooching around this morning, not in the mood for baking, sewing or scrapping and just having a little surf through some of my favourite blogs. Carole…the terrible temptress, has posted about 'The Big Read' on her blog and of course, I had to go and click on it and read! Now I want my own Big Read list with everything ticked off and read lol! Just need to work out how she set about doing that and then I will do!

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