Just read list…

was very out of date so it's received a loving update this morning! Not necessarily in the order they were read mind you…although I did read the Harry Dresden books one after the other – I'm eager for a new one but…I'm being a good girl and working my way through anything on my shelves that is unread – this probably won't last for long mind you, I only need the faintest whiff of a bookshop or hint that I may want to view something on Amazon and I'm done for! Perfume is coming from Carole though to assist in my reading of the 100 books so that is something to look forward to 😀 (although I'm wondering if I'll find it too grizzly).
I've made a start on marking of which books I've read in the 1000 books list – there are a lot of books on there that I've not heard of!

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