New toys…

It was my birthday this week. On the day itself I had a very relaxing day reading – I had in mind several things to do but ditched them all in favour of my favourite thing and curled up to finish off Stephanie Meyer's The Host. It was a good book – I was curious to see how she was going to sort things out (trying hard not to give away too much here!) and I had sort of worked it out but not quite. That's as much as I'm giving away so if you're curious you'll just have to read it yourself, lol! 

I received a new mixer for my birthday, a rather large Kenwood which I finally got time to try out yesterday. I made our current favourite cake – the Barefoot Contessa's Orange Choc. Chip cake. It probably has a week's worth of calories in each slice but it's delicious and lovely and moist. Today the Kenwood has made Orange and Cranberry Scones (more Barefoot Contessa) which are quite nice too although the recipe needs a little refining. I took a trip to Makro with my sister last week and purchased a vaccuuming and sealing machine – totally fabulous gadget which will free up some space in my freezer – I do like to cook extra and freeze portions, it means there are days when I don't have to spend ages cooking a meal, I can just defrost and put it in the oven while I'm getting on with something far more interesting!

The final gadget ? A Mac 😮 John recently invested in an iMac…a gorgeous machine and even though it's got a very large screen, the associated bits are…none! We were so impressed with it that we decided to replace my desktop with a Mac Mini – I already had a decent screen so didn't need an iMac – I was rather taken with the Bose speakers that were attached to the Mac mini in the Apple shop though and we intend to 'invest' in a set of those. John tried to get a set today from Comet but they were out of stock so we may have to make another trip to the Trafford to pick those up (what a chore, lol!)

So, a big week for gadgetry in this house. Looking forward to watching Little Dorrit with a glass of wine as soon as I've clicked save on this post. 

Current read is Three Men in a Boat which I'm enjoying, it's only a small book but since the reading marathon on my birthday, I've not had a lot of time to finish it off. Half term is underway (hurray 😀 ) and we are planning a day out tomorrow – although if the weather is as rubbish as it has been the last two days I may need to make an executive decision about that!
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2 Responses to New toys…

  1. Bev Stephenson says:

    ooh what a lovely birthday. I am sure you will love your new Mac, I am really enjoying my macbook.

  2. Carole says:

    Sounds the perfect way to spend a birthday 🙂

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