Days until Santa…

Don't panic…there are a few more days than 25 just yet! Here is my Santa countdown all sewn up and quilted, ready to start counting down on 1st December 😀 The little quilts hang from a triptych type frame which is lovely but I don't think the photo shows it up very well.

I've a couple more Christmas projects to work on and finish before the big day – that's this week's task, plus finishing off the kitty applique for my sister…I hope she likes it, there is a LOT of fiddly cuttiing out in it!

I'm having an easy read week this week with Barbara Erskine's Daughters of Fire – it's ages since I read one of her books, I stopped reading them as they were getting a little samey. I'm enjoying this one so far though. I picked up Gormenghast from the library on Thursday so I think that one had better be the next book to be read!

At some point I really should get making some Christmas cards I think 😮
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One Response to Days until Santa…

  1. Ang says:

    Oooh this looks gorgeous young Tree, very very nice indeedy.

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