Bookcrossing addiction courtesy of…


Nat has been trying for years to get me into Bookcrossing and I have been resisting. This week Carole tempted me with an interesting sounding book, she offered to put in a word for me with the lady running a bookring for it…she slowly and surely suckered me in. For the last two days I have been missing in action on the Bookcrossing website, busily updating my (neglected) bookshelf and signing up for things 😮 and so on and so forth. I've had quite a lovely time of it to be honest, I've reviewed my various lists and made new lists – most satisfactory. Thankyou Carole 😀

What I haven't done is… much reading but then, I haven't done much of anything else at all really. I did have a migraine yesterday so I feel I should be excused yesterday. Today passed by though in a blur of registering and signing up and list making until before I knew it, it was lunchtime!

No sewing this week either – did some cutting out on Sunday evening with a view to sewing on Monday but did lots of housework instead! Tuesday I went to the market and Wednesday well…see above!

Tomorrow I'm going to Borders, mmmmmmm that is such a treat! I've signed up to read a book called Watering the Elephants and need a copy of my own. Hopefully this lady's book of the month in Jan will be Bleak House or Emma…they are on my ABC of Authors list. There's nothing like a good list 😀

Speaking of lists…I shall make a new post for my ABC of Authors list – it is a work in progress, I've done a fair bit of scouting around for letters such as X and Z and have managed to come up with some interesting sounding books (actually, I would like to read them right NOW!) I'm trying to include a variety of books – some that I just fancy, some from the Big Read list and some from the 1001 list.

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3 Responses to Bookcrossing addiction courtesy of…

  1. Carole says:

    Hee hee!
    You’re welcome 🙂
    I like the look of your ABC list. Perhaps I need one of those myself…

  2. Carole says:

    Hee hee!
    You’re welcome 🙂
    I like the look of your ABC list. Perhaps I need one of those myself…

  3. Gallifrey says:

    This sounds really interesting….

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