it's cold and dangerously icey. Had a hair-raising time driving to school yesterday. We live at the bottom of a hill, the driveway is a hill, Catherine's school is half way up a hill. I know the gritter had been out on Monday night because he sprayed grit all over my car while I was driving to guides but…he didn't think to grit many parts of my route to Catherine's school. The hill up to school was like a sheet of glass. The traffic coming down the hill on the other side of the road from us was at a complete standstill as the person at the front of the queue attempted to negotiate a sheet of glass. The journey took ages and on my return home it had snowed a bit and the driveway was lethal, so lethal that footbrake and handbrake weren't having the desired effect for quite a way down it 😮 Finally, the car arrived at a standstill, at which point I carefully got out, acquired some salt, sprinkled it all over the drive and behind the wheels and got off there quickly! Quite reluctant to park on the road as there is a road opposite and yes, it is a downhill road. I had visions of some poor soul slowly (or quickly) careering into my parked vehicle but I was left with no option.

Thankfully my car survived intact to battle with today's heavy, heavy frost. Still no gritting of the road upto and into school mind up.

Last night I snuggled down with an Agatha Raisin book. I'd not read one before but had seen many people saying what fun they are so thought I should give them a try. Very light reading and a couple of funny bits but I'm afraid that Agatha is no Miss Marple. Instead, she is a rather outspoken, man-mad, retired PR lady who's redeeming quality is her growing fondness for cats! I have another 2 to read and a couple of library books…which may, depending upon the quality of these other two, be unread upon their return to the library.

Jounal Your Christmas update:  journal made – tick! pages completed – none 😮
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One Response to Brrr…

  1. Natty says:

    Tree, if it’s that bad, put the book away and get on with your JYC entries!
    Sheesh… your ice sounds erm… a bit insane! I am hoping someone from the council will salt the pavements and street from my office to my car – already skated a bit too much on it this morning including one hair-raising turn around a corner in my sketchers, and the view from the office window has had many a person including poor OAPs skidding and slipping about – it’s a disgrace really as it’s a main street for them to walk into town. Oops, rant over for now.

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