What ho!

I've just finished reading 'Murder Must Advertise' by Dorothy L. Sayers – a 1001 book, and it has left me speaking in rather a jolly hockey sticks, what ho! type of fashion! I thought I would be in full possession of all the murdering facts last night but we went off to see James Bond – drool, and upon my return I managed a couple more chapters after putting the chicks away for the night before my eyes felt too heavy to remain open. No problem I thought, it's the weekend – plenty of reading time. Forgetting that I had a huge stack of laundry to do and the food shopping to do as well.

I enjoyed the book – it's made me want to watch that lovely old b&w film of Busman's Holiday right now! I've ordered the second book of Dorothy's that's on the list from the library – The Nine Tailors. I thought of buying it but I don't expect to find it around here in any of my second hand book trawls and they're pricey new so, the library it is. I rather like Peter Wimsey, he's a gentleman and very human…and he plays cricket. I wonder if Daniel James Bond Craig plays cricket, I can just imagine him in cricket whites but I digress…

Carole put me on to creating pages last weekend and it's taken me all week to get around to doing it – but they're there now, up in the top left hand slot and hopefully all my lovely lists are fully updated. There are quite a few additions in the 'I own this' category, the reason for which is my recent trawl of second hand booksellers, lol! I must say that I have received some books in absolutely splendid condition. The only problem is, I entered them all onto Bookcrossing as they were being acquired (like a good girl!) but as I was typing in the blurb from the back, I wanted to read each one…right now! (nothing new there, I'm nothing if not a 'get on and do it now' type of a girl!) So, I'm stuck for choice – shall I strike one from the list or read one that isn't on any list. The Invisible Man was looking particularly interesting this morning…
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2 Responses to What ho!

  1. Carole says:

    Your pages are looking jolly nice, what ho? absolutely spiffing!

  2. Alison says:

    Oh, Tree – The Nine Tailors! One of my absolute favourites – you’ve inspired me to find a copy and re-read it!

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