A girlie day out…

We're off to see this today – just Catherine and I! Catherine has been bursting to see this since I told her there was a film of Twilight. We spotted a cd of the film music in Tesco yesterday which she's now got on her list of 'things I need' ! I managed to persuade her to wait until we'd seen the film.

We also have Inkheart on our list of films to be seen but the boys want to see that one as well…so that might be an Orange Wednesday at at some point.

I met Catherine in town yesterday (how grown up does that sound?) and we went to the library and came away with a very satisfying stack of books for her to read – typically, by the time we had done the Tesco shopping and come home, there was a message on the answerphone to say that a couple more books had come in for Catherine so back we go again today! Then we celebrated the end of school and the start of the holidays by watching Ironman – so glad it was a borrowed dvd as I managed to give it a ZZZZZZZZ rating ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Not much luck with tele at all yesterday. The episode of Bones was on that we missed (all the fault of the Sky box which messed up the recording first time around) so we sat down to enjoy that last night and the Sky box went crazy again. Apparently we need to do some 'housekeeping' on it but this involves making sure we've watched anything that we've already recorded as it deletes it all…that could be a while, we're very behind! Have managed to keep up to date with The Closer though – I love that programme ๐Ÿ˜€

I have found a rather good charity shop in Chorley that always manages to have some books on its shelves that I 'need' and in fact yesterday I saved rather a bundle. I'd decided to go to Borders to get hold of a copy of Winter in Madrid by CJ Sansom – I love his Matthew Shardlake books and have seen this get a few good reviews on Bookcrossing. Found in the charity shop for ยฃ1.50 yesterday along with 3 other books that enticed me into buying them one of which is on the 1001 list – that was a lucky buy as I didn't have my lists with me at the time! A book called Vineland will shortly be on its way to me from Australia – another 1001 book. My tbr mountains are really quite atrocious and I'm hoping to make some inroads into them over Christmas after I've done my cooking duties on Christmas day! 

My Christmas present shopping is all done and dusted  - just a digital photo frame to collect from Tesco now, we collected one already but it was cracked and had to go back. Even Matthew's football kit is in the house – I ordered it way back at the end of October thinking that was in plenty of time for Christmas but it's been touch and go as it was a special order and was sat waiting for other things to go on the machine at the same time. It looks lovely actually…it's orange :wub: and the tracksuit is black and orange, it's the training kit for the team that he plays for and I just know he will burst when he sees it…he thinks he's getting nothing else other than a share in a Wii – such devious parents we are!

Almost forgot to mention that Santa already came for me…he brought me a piano ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Well, he took me to a piano shop and let me choose one – I have wanted a piano since I was about 7! I love it and have been busily getting back up to speed since last Tuesday when we brought it home. I used to do all of my practising before school on one of their pianos as we didn't have one at home. So exciting and satisfying to be able to go and sit down at my own piano and play ๐Ÿ˜€
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One Response to A girlie day out…

  1. Natty says:

    Oooh you have been a very good girl this year to get your piano at long last!! I hope you enjoy it! I will need to dust off my Christmas music and get tinkling the old ivories again! :o)
    Off to see Twilight after Christmas with a friend – nice between Christmas and NY treat!

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