Lily Bard…

totally brilliant! I read my first Lily Bard mystery last night – never moved until the book was finished (early hours of this morning – I hadn't started reading it until midnight!). Now, I promised myself that I would ration these books as I had only 3 in my possession but…oops, I read another one this afternoon. 

I had a little bit of an oopsie on Amazon this morning and ordered up the final two Lily books plus another set by the same author about a chick called Aurora Teagarden. I'm not under any illusions that they'll arrive before Christmas so I think I'll save my surviving Lily book for post-Christmas recovery – 2 days of cooking and entertaining and I will be needing to take to the settee for some peace and quiet with some very good books.

Lily Bard is an excellent heroine.
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One Response to Lily Bard…

  1. Carole says:

    I see from your sidebar that you’ve already demolished the third Lily Bard 🙂
    The next two are even better. She is indeed an excellent heroine.

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