The end of 2008…

came around very quickly! 

I have been trying to think of my favourite books of the year – I am notoriously rubbish at picking favourites. I think it's because generally, if I've finished a book then I've enjoyed it. I can pick a few new authors that I've stumbled across this year though. 

CJ Sansom and his Matthew Shardlake books – I bought two of these on a whim from Amazon early this year…cannot resist anything historical and if you put together historical and detective well..! The first one I thought was a little slow to get going but I persevered (based on the fact that I'd bought two of his books and wasn't about to be defeated at the first hurdle). I was glad I did because I enjoyed it and went straight on to read the next one. I am a serial series reader. If I've enjoyed one in a series I won't settle until I've read the rest! Fortunately, book 3 was available so I ordered that up and consumed it straight away. I was then stuck as book 4 was due out but in hardback and I don't buy hardback unless by accident! My sister came to the rescue with the in between size of paperback which she'd bought…not knowing that I already had read the other three. Now of course, I'm waiting for a book no. 5 but in the meantime I picked up a copy of Winter in Madrid in one of the local second hand shops. It'll be interesting to read this one, it's not a Shardlake story but is instead set around the time of the Spanish Civil War (I think!)

Jim Butcher and his Harry Dresden books – I bought one to see if I would enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the tv series. I didn't though…I enjoyed them even more! and yes, I read all of the available books one after the other. Now waiting for the next book to come out in paperback. There is a sort of prequel story available as well – not yet in paperback though. There is a good variety of characters in the books and Butcher introduces them into a story and brings them back in subsequent books so that you get to know them really well. My favourites, apart from Harry, are Michael and Thomas. I will say no more about them though so as not to spoil any plots/storylines.

Charlaine Harris and her Lily Bard books – cozy detective type stories with a superb heroine at the helm. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading these – I have only one left to read :sigh: Great for reading in between the more challenging books that I have on my lists well, they would have been if I could have managed to save them to do that with!

I've read lots of other great books by authors new to me this year – they'll be in my list at the side but these are the ones that have stuck in my mind.

We're off out for a chinese banquet tonight. We're not big into new year celebrating but thought it would be pleasing to mark the evening with a treat. The children love Chinese food – we all love Chinese food in fact and I am looking forward to a break from the cooking! We'll be back home way before midnight though as our table is booked for 7pm – plenty of time left for me to try and finish the strange and bizarre Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas before the bells chime.
Happy New Year
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