I just finished reading this book by Carol Shields last night. When I read the blurb and signed up for the bookring it sounded like a good book…I kept reading it only because I wanted to find out what happened to Norah and to try and work out why it was on the list. I did find out what happened to Norah because I read to the end and I *think* I worked out why it was on the list. 

In places, this book is almost like a stream of consciousness as Reta goes about her life. There are teasing glimpses of Norah and how she has chosen to live her life, making you feel frustrated not to be finding out more about what has happened. Reta goes on and on with her meetings with her friends, writing her book, writing letters to people (and not sending them), cooking the dinner, rambling on about feminism – in fact, distracting herself from the devastation she feels. There is nothing she can do about it, no way to fix it – she is only able to wait. As a result, that's all the reader can do – wait until the very end of the book when you find out what did happen to Norah. Interesting way of writing, and clever I suppose, to make the reader feel as frustrated as the subject of the story – not a good way to get people to read more of your books though!

I have one more bookray in my possession, which arrived just after Christmas, – Vineland by Thomas Pynchon. I was going to go straight on and read it after Unless, but I'm not – for three reasons…

1. Unless bored the pants off me in many places and I want to read something more enjoyable.
2. I signed up to read Water for Elephants and give my opinion on 10th January
3. I've still got horrible toothache after a visit to the dentist on Monday, I'm still taking the horrible tummy upsetting antibiotics that the dentist gave me and although I look less like a hamster than I did on Monday, my face is still very sore…I deserve a comfort read!

On Saturday I am supposed to be cropping, at the moment I feel like staying in bed and renouncing all responsibilities and social commitments. Fingers crossed that the antibiotics do their job in between now and then!

I know I've not scrapped in a while (since the beginning of November in fact) – we have photo printing issues since we switched over to Macs – our printer isn't too happy about it all. Plus – we keep forgetting to buy sheets of photo paper and so when the printer is happy enough to actually work, my photos are printed off on the gigantic roll of paper that John uses when he prints large photos to frame. Have you ever tried to scrap with curly photos? There is just no sticking them down, you think you've done it, turn around to get some embellishment or something and boing…the photos have pinged off your layout! Not good, not good at all :sigh: I am ready for a jolly good upload to Photobox but keep hearing cries of "no, no I'll get it all sorted out for you" and this puts me off until the next curly photo prints out and pings off!
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2 Responses to Unless…

  1. Natty says:

    Oh dear Tree, I hope you are feeling better soon and a good, enjoyable book proves to be the tonic! ;o)

  2. Carole says:

    Comfort reading definitely needed, methinks.
    I’m with you on the curly photos. I used to use a roll of photo paper, but as you say – it pings right back of that layout unless you use industrial strength glue LOL

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