Must remember to post…

and not just update the lists!

I have had a good reading week this week – partly due to the fact that I've been really ill all week and partly due to the fact that I've not watched any television at all! I don't watch much tele normally but I've not gone near it since last week…obivously not in the mood at the moment.

This week I finished a smashing book called Water for Elephants – if you see it, get it – it's superb and has a couple of lovely little twists in it. I had a pile of rings/rays to read so next, I read Passing by Nella Larson which I thoroughly enjoyed and then I moved on from that to one of Carole's bookrays – Red Harvest. I've never read any Dashiell Hammett before and I could almost see this book playing as a film in my head – I lost count of the number of deaths after 17, such a violent story but strangely gripping and I enjoyed reading the book. 

Book no. 4 was Naked in Death by JD Robb – now, Nat has been telling me about these books for ages so, one day when I was in the library I ordered up the first one. Suffice to say – I have ordered the next two up and eagerly await their arrival!

Now I'm having a quick read of an Agatha Raisin – I had ordered some up from the library before I decided I didn't need to read anymore so as I've paid the various 60p's for the ordering, I'm reading them…must admit, I was rather curious to see whether or not Agatha did marry the hunky James, lol!

My next book will be another ring/ray…I have 3 piled up but fancy The Virgin in the Garden first of all – it's quite a thick book.

We've spend a fair bit of time this weekend playing on the Wii – we're all enjoying this new toy that Santa brought…unusual as neither John nor myself are 'game players' really. We're currently playing Link's Crossbow training and loving it! I did get the Professor Layton game for Christmas which I was enjoying until Matthew had a renewed interest in his DS and I had to hand it back!

My piano playing is going well – I did some practicing yesterday, first time in over a week due to the 'ill' and have been playing again this afternoon – I love my piano 😀

The pre-cybercrop fun is in full swing on UKS and I've been having a such a laugh on there with fellow Special Branch members – looking forward to getting some crafting done soon. I made some notelets last night for when I send out my RABCKs – nothing hugely exciting really. As I've not done a post with a pic for some time I'll include it here.
I am WigglyWoods on Bookcrossing…so I used my trusty tree stamp and some all-time favourite letter stamps – love those! Will just pause a moment to bemoan all trimmers and their lack of perfect performance :sigh: I am doomed never to find the perfect trimmer for me.
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