Recent reads…

Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage – I had to read it to see if she actually did get hitched, lol!

Real Murders – a cozy mystery type book from the author of the Lily Bard books. Quite grisly but I think Aurora Teagarden is a fairly good heroine…not quote so good as Lily Bard but still an enjoyable quick read. Good job as I have some more on my shelf!

The Gargoyle – well there was a lot of talk about this book on Bookcrossing and I had decided that at some point I would give it a go. Then the Richard and Judy list came out and it was on that so – I ordered it up from the library. What a superb book, the research must have been vast. Quite a gory start (I'm not good with gore) but I pressed on and I'm so glad that I did. If time had permitted I would probably have read from start to finish without a break – it didn't however and actually, I am glad of that as it gave me the opportunity to absorb and think about the many different aspects of the story.

The Summer Book – I very much doubt that I would have chosen to read this book if it hadn't cropped up on the 1001 Books list. It's a lovely little book about the relationship between the elderly and the young. No earth shattering storyline, just everyday life on a little island. Quite beautiful in its own little way and made me feel rather sentimental.

The Catcher in the Rye – this is one of those books that one hears about often and feels a bit embarrassed not to have read. I feel even more embarrassed to confess that I had no idea what the storyline was about…farming sprung to mind 😮 Anyway, I signed up for it as a bookring and it sat on the desk daring me to start it and I kept thinking I wouldn't like it because…it was going to be about farming! It's not of course and once I started it I truly couldn't put it down – Holden Caulfield completely drew me in, I felt so terribly sorry for him and was desperate for a good outcome as opposed to disaster.

The Poison that Fascinates – this book was very kindly sent to me by the publishers, Canon Gate so that I could participate in a read along. I guessed the plot quite soon really – all those accounts of women murderers were a bit of a giveaway but then, I suppose that was the intention. I loathed the character of the duplicitous and nasty Santi and felt sorry for Emily that she had been deceived for all of her life.

That's me up to date! I have a few more Bookrays to read – The Virgin in the Garden is ongoing, Black Water (arrived today), War with Newts (which might be next) and In Cold Blood (one of Carole's rays which also might be next). Funny, I waited for ages and ages for my first ray/ring to arrive, they're like buses though – either none or many at once time! All good fun 😀

I am tempted to go to the Bookcrossing meeting on Saturday, but not sure…

My mystery kit entry is all uploaded, I really enjoyed using the kit and think I made some pleasant items with it 🙂

In other news…my house is continually filled with mud from sporting activities! Even Catherine has just arrived home looking like she's been mud wrestling (it was rugby as it turns out) – thank goodness for the cleansing power of Vanish and the washing machine!

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