that scrapping is still alive and well in the Treehouse! My efforts for the Special Branch Mystery Kit are below. I loved the kit – lovely October Afternoon, yum yum but by golly, by the time I'd finished the layouts and cards I was ready to see some different patterned paper, lol!  Enguard


I had a lovely play with some of my gadgets – the cuttlebug swiss dots folder is lovely embossed onto those big Sizzix daisies. There was a lovely set of corner stamps in the kit too so I tried to give them a good outing. I think the snake layout is my favourite – although I am really not keen on snakes at all! I'm finding that I like black backgrounds a lot at the moment. I did one of the class layouts last night and that has ended up with a black background as well, lol! It needs a bit of something else on it yet but I'm just not sure what – I shall ponder that as the day progresses!
In book news – I was rather naughty at the beginning of last week and read all of my remaining Aurora Teagarden mysteries and enjoyed them too lol! Then I moved on to read Carole's bookray 'In Cold Blood' which was excellent although very disturbing, I've never read any true crime before, I think this was a good one to start with – the first of its kind I believe and another book chalked up for the 1001 list. It took me a while to get through for some reason but it was definitely very well written. 

At the moment, I'm reading Bad Faith which is teen fiction, reminds me of Noughts and Crosses in a way. I'm about 1/2 way through, would have been further along but have been CCing this weekend so not much reading going on. I have War with the Newts to read when that's finished and Les Liaisons Dangereuses and then I'm up to date…just in time, as Carole tells me this morning that soon there will be 3 books on the way to me – The Story of Lucy Gault, Myran Breckenridge and The Talented Mr. Ripley (now I am looking forward to that one in particular because I once watched a bit of the film with Jude Law and couldn't make head nor tail of it because it was 1/2 way through!)

Rushed to the library yesterday morning to pick up a JD Robb and was going to suspend reading of Bad Faith to indulge in it but alas, book no. 3 has arrived before book no.2 – what bad luck, so the exploits of Eve and Rourke will have to be put on hold for a little while longer. I thought I was being sensible only ordering up 2 more of them but they seem to take such a long time to come in I'm tempted to go and order up 5 and 6 right now! Mind you, I could always start on Carole's huge box of Sookie Stackhouse for my in between comfy reads…trouble is, I am worried that once started, I won't stop and there are quite a lot of them!!!

I've got a nice little stash of cards to use now when I'm posting books on – just need to not forget to use them, lol!
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One Response to Proof…

  1. Carole says:

    Glad you liked Cold blood. You’ll love The talented Mr Ripley. I thought it was excellent, one of the best of the 1001 books that I’ve read so far.
    You’re quite right about Sookie. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. They really are very good indeed 🙂
    Oh, and nice layouts! I’m loving that snake one.

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