A pleasant post day…

another Aurora Teagarden mystery arrived 😀 will have to set that one side so that I can indulge next weekend. Also in the Amazon parcel was a dvd set of Blood Ties. Now, I'm not normally a purchaser of tv series but…1) I have seen this talked about quite often on Bookcrossing 2) it's about vampires and therefore of interest to both myself and Catherine…once I have viewed it to ensure its suitability that is 3) Amazon recommended it to me…now I don't go buying everything that Amazon recommends, of course I don't. I clicked because the name was familiar, I read the blurb and thought – hmmm, interesting and then I noticed the price – £5, the result? Sold!

While I have had a very pleasant post day today, the postman has not been kind to the eager little boy awaiting the purchase of some cards off Ebay. Boy am I going to get earache tonight…and whinging, lots of whinging! The impatience of a scrapper awaiting the delivery of a pizza box is NOTHING compared to that of a 9 year old waiting for some wrestling cards. 

Finished off Bad Faith this morning – it reminded me of Noughts and Crosses, although I thought that Bad Faith was the more enjoyable book of the two. I have had London Fields arrive this morning – never read any Martin Amis so this will be a new experience. Must read the War with the Newts book first though. I realise The Virgin in the Garden has been sitting up there in my 'Reading Now' column for some time – I've not quite managed to be gripped by it as yet but will finish it eventually!
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One Response to A pleasant post day…

  1. Hello The Treehouse – just wanted to say thanks for your very nice comments about Bad Faith! I’m very flattered by the Noughts & Crosses comparison! Your blog is terrific – all best wishes.
    Gillian Philip

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