Scanned at last…

my one and only cybercrop layout from one of the classes. It wasn't that I didn't have the desire – I just didn't have the photos (refer back to current printer problems for explanation of that!), and I wasn't well either which made for a weekend of to-ing and fro-ing between computer – to keep an eye on my fellow team mates and answer any questions and have a chat and the settee to collapse in a heap with a soothing drink and a painkiller! 

Really need to get this printer issue addressed – unfortunately, I am reliant upon the service of the technician and I don't like to bother him at the moment as work is MOST busy and stressful…several large deadlines looming 😦

Ooh anyway – about the layout. It is of course a school photo. Catherine is not happy that I've scrapped it at all and wants me to hide it 😮 She hates the photo. The school was super efficient with photo taking organisation and we knew nothing about it until the deed was done so to speak. Also, somebody 'arranged' her collar for her – what a shambles they made of it 😮 that's my only gripe about the photo. These new colours are a bit problematic for me – I've been scrapping school photos in blues/golds for years and now this sudden switch to black and RED. A piece of red paper is not something to be easily found in my stash – fortunately though, I had purchased a kit from somewhere in an attempt to try out new stuff that I wouldn't normally buy and in it was this SEI (I think) stuff – double sided too so most handy, I think that lacey stuff came from the same kit…thank goodness! Now, the sad thing about high school is that you don't get a yearly photo – I can understand why of course, but still – it's a shame. I used some of those teeny MM letter stickers on here – made a bit of a gaff when buying those, clearly I'm very out of practise with stash spending. When I actually looked at them – they are halloween letters lol! There is a fine spider web design all over them – I don't think it shows up too much and those gothic type letters suit Catherine's current penchant for things black!
In book news – I've had an indulgent cozy reading week this week after finishing off Bad Faith (a bookray) which was teen fiction and a good read. In a similar vein to Noughts and Crosses I thought, although both stories are very good I enjoyed the writing style of this one more. I polished off my new Auroroa Teagarden which was very sad 😦 (forget that comment Carole, you don't need to know that yet) and then revisited the Merry Gentry series. 
I had lent the first 4 to my sister and I told her that I had two more books and would let her have them once I'd read them. Anyway, the impatient girl phoned last week to report how much she'd enjoyed them and that no.5 and no.6 were good as well :sigh: she had forgotten that I'd said I already had them and had gone out and bought them herself! Anyway – I was then in fear of a huge spoiler, you know how it is when you get excited about a story and she was already asking me what was such about and so on (turns out she had got the books mixed up and actually started the series at book 2!) so – I read my remaining 2 books and enjoyed them – thank goodness she's pregnant at last! A dreadful waiting will now ensue though as book 7 is not available yet at a price that I'm willing to pay!
I was really going to move on to the Newt book after that but thought I would just test out one of a new series about an Artificial Intelligence – so I did, oops! Not bad, I finished it last night. This week though, I am going to finish off the Newt book and The Story of Lucy Gault (which I started last night straight after the AI book in case I picked up the next AI book!)
Tomorrow will be a tricky day – we always have a 1/2 term visit to Borders. I think I'd better sit in Starbucks with the Newt book while Catherine does her book buying, perhaps put a blindfold on me to get me through the book section and safely into the coffee shop I think.
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One Response to Scanned at last…

  1. Toni says:

    Well, I tried to post at work and it didn’t like it so I’m trying again…..
    I love the colours you have chosen for this, they really fit the photo – super LO.
    Toni :o)

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