Owls, owls and more owls…

It's a well know fact that I have a fondness for all things birdie. I was having a little read of a sewing newsletter this morning –  a most pleasant indulgence indeed. I am always on the lookout for the latest McKenna Ryan patterns, I love them – in fact, I have a little pile of them waiting to be made – bought before the credit crunch hit and when the dollar/pound rate was much more attractive.

I love applique, it's one of my favourite sewing techniques and these art quilt patterns look just like paintings when they're made. My last purchase was of a rather splendid set of patterns featuring birds and branches and words such peace and love. I haven't started it yet and when I do it will take quite a time to make – I'm still working on finishing my coffee quilts and a kitty quilt for my sister, oh and there is the birdhouse quilt too – hmm, oops – seems I have a problem with these quilts! Anyway – there I was reading the newsletter – well actually, I was scrolling through and looking at the pictures, and all of a sudden I spy owls…and lots of them. McKenna Ryan, like a lot of the crafting community, has turned her wonderful designing talent in the direction of yet more feathered friends and the result is the simply gorgeous quilt that you see above.

There is nothing for it – I have to purchase the patterns and the fabric and make it. It will have to wait a little while though until the dollar/pound recovers as nobody in the UK has discovered these wonderful patternes and fabrics yet :sigh: It's on my wishlist though  - right at the very top! 

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One Response to Owls, owls and more owls…

  1. Helen Ding says:

    This is so very you!
    Oh and you’ve been tagged!

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