Full of a cold…

yuk! I had no voice at all for most of yesterday, it seems to be working better today. No idea where I picked up this nasty bug but I will surely be glad when it's moved on!!! The sun is shining this morning – hoping that holds out as Catherine has a bowling competition to play in today. We've been sporting mad lately and this week have managed to clock up a league semi-final football match, a netball match, a cricket match, a swimming gala and today's bowling. That's not including the practice sessions or the visit to the Scout/Guide show on Friday night – what a week!

That would by why it has taken two – yes two days, to make a single card! I swear that colours matched better under electric light – in daylight conditions…I'm not so sure they go.

I have had a little splurge of crafting expenditure lately. Cara told me that Craft Stamper was worth buying…so of course, I went off and bought a copy. Well, she was right and on top of some nice projects there were also lots of lovely stamps so…{I need say no more as to the effect that this had on my purchasing abilities!}
Then I decided I would subscribe and the subscriber gift was a sheet of flower fairy stamps, in fact the Almond Blossom fairy that you see here ———————————–>

So, I was just feeling very satisfied with new stamps and desperate for an opportunity to get stamping when Catherine and I paid a visit to Borders – no, there were no stamps in Borders but…Hobbycraft is next door but one! In Hobbycraft, I fell victim to a pad of Coredinations black cardstock. I had a few sheets of their coloured stuff last year and thought it absolutely gorgeous and of course, great for embossing. The black is a lot of fun, each sheet has a different coloured core – absolutely brilliant with embossing folders and some sanding.

I was a bit down on my reading for March. I think I would have to say that my favourite 'new to me' books of the month were The Talented Mr. Ripley and Sue Grafton's books. I read a few more Eve Dallas books which I enjoyed and several more 1001 books. My last book of the month was a historical mystery book by Rose Melikan which I was really looking forward to, it's the first in a series of 3 I believe…it was ok, not gripping but I read through to the end and will probably read book 2 when it's available. 
I'm just about to start on Captain Corelli's Mandolin which is another bookring – I'm a bit dubious about this book as I recall my history tutor giving it a jolly good slamming for historical inaccuracy…and that is just the sort of thing that irritates me 😮

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One Response to Full of a cold…

  1. Toni says:

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling on top of the world – mind you, it seems you have had a very busy week. I love the card (am still trying to be good and not give into buying the Flower fairies LOL)
    Toni :o)

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