A lovely day…

a bit of crafting and a shopping arrival – perfect 😀

It's Catherine's 12th birthday on Thursday – I really don't know how that happened at all, where did all that time go, it went in a flash and it seems to be going quicker and quicker each year. I asked her what would she like for her birthday…she is truly her Mother's daughter, she gave me a list of books! Anyway, here is the card – I am super prepared this year, presents are bought, wrapped and hidden and now the card is made as well – just need to work on a cake on Thursday morning. We are off to the pictures on Thurs evening to see Night at the Museum II – Catherine's request, we're looking forward to that (and I can sneak in a Starbucks while we're there 😀 )

This stamp reminds me of Catherine – even more so now than when I bought it because she's has had her hair cut in the same style (she's never seen the stamp though!). I am in love with Coredinations card – I might have mentioned that before and I do plan to buy that white pad with coloured core as I'm so enjoying this black pad with coloured core.


After a lot of cricketing in between now and Saturday, we are off to London for the weekend – I am looking forward to Kew, the chicks are looking forward to the Dungeon and John is looking forward to not working bless him. 

I forgot to say my favourite book for last month – I read an awful lot of easy reading and thoroughly enjoyed it…I was indulging myself as I managed to trap a nerve in my back again and that just wasn't nice at all! Anyway – last month's favourites – The Grave Tattoo by Val McDermid, a new author to me and I loved this book and the Sookie Stackhouse series – ate those all up in one go thanks to Carole and now am needing more!
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