Quilting and Crying…

Peskyquilt I've been finishing off some UFOs this week and last week in between making my Old Red Barn Co. quilt. I had two almost finished quilt tops in my drawer that I'd fallen out with in one way or another. The first one was from a pattern in one of the lovely Australian magazines that I have a small addiciton to – I made it at the beginning of last year I think. The corners were triangles and there was some complicated way of attaching these triangles which confuzzled me – I sewed on the first one and decided I'd done it wrong and…away it went into the cupboard never to be seen again until last week. I dug it out attacked the corners, designed a little applique for the borders, sewed on some more borders and hey presto it was completed…now I'm working on the quilting. Problem was that it was such a long time since I'd started making it that I'd lost the pattern – hence the need to design some applique for the borders and then to come up with a quilting design for the snowball blocks. I thought I had that licked as I had a plastic template but it turned out to be an unmanageable design for free machine quilting – enter large pause while I ripped out the messy looking quilting and contemplated a different design – I've made one up, I've tried it out tonight and it looks really quite good so tonight, I'm a happy quilter! I cut out a heart shape with my Cricut, drew around it four times, sewed around the heart shapes and then filled them in with stippling – I think it just about shows up in the picture. Just another four blocks to do in this fashion and the applique to quilt around and the corners to stipple on and it'll be ready for binding – yippee!

The second abandoned quilt top only really needed borders sewing onto it but it had been such a troublesome piece of sewing for something made only from charm squares that it also ended up in the drawer. I'm happy to say that it now has its borders attached and is awaiting quilting and finishing. I've got some nice buttons to sew on instead of quilting the main bit and then I'll just quilt the borders – I want it finished and being snuggled up in!

I am in an all-fired rush to get these finished as I bought the fabric to make a winding ways quilt and I won't allow any start on it until these two are finished. I found a gorgeous new shop just 30 mins from my house where I can actually see the fabric before I buy it now – fantastic! The shop is full of luscious stuff and the lady who owns it is incredibly friendly and helpful – she even had patterns for some designs from France that I'd been lusting over in a recent magazine…they will make their way home with me soon 😀

Of course, all this sewing activity has meant a bit of a downturn on the reading front. I read two books from The Sisters of the Quilt series earlier this month which I thorougly enjoyed, they've been posted off for the next person in the ring to enjoy now. Then I read a very quick little number called Crewel World – also a bookring, which I was really looking forward to – it was a quick, cozy read which was ok. The detective heroine reminded me of a gentle version of Agatha Raisin!
Next book was PopCo by the author of The End of Mr Y, I just finished that one this morning – it was good with a nice moral side to it that I liked and which took me a bit by surprise because I was anticipating something else altogether.

I have a few more rings to read and then it will be back to Eve Dallas and the lovely Rourke!

On the tele front – I decide to indulge in this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy…this is where the crying comes in. I cried just about the whole way through it. Not sure how much more strain I can take on the Issy and Alex front, I've been wanting them to live happily ever after for the longest time. Foolishly, I then decided to polish off the last 15 minutes of Ghost Whisperer which I've been viewing intermittently since Wednesday – more tears. I'm hoping that the exit of poor Jim means that Prof. Payne will return from deepest darkest wherever because I miss him and that new guy just isn't cutting the mustard at all. I really need to record some light hearted viewing and then get around to watching it because I was really soggy and red-eyed by the time the chicks got home from school 😮

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4 Responses to Quilting and Crying…

  1. Natty says:

    Yes, you definitely need more Eve and Rourke! :oD
    I am only up to Conspiracy in Death in my great re-read adventure…
    But Private Practice is starting again this week – the second season was going much better than the first, I just hope I still have Living by the time I get to the episodes I’ve not seen…
    How long until the Grey’s Finale, you’d better stock up on the tissues since every finale so far has had it’s moments, and this one well… get tissues Tree… :oS

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words about my black, white and red quilt.
    I love your banner, by the way.

  3. Carole says:

    Ah, you’ll be ready for the next Crewel world then?
    I have PopCo on my TBR but I’m trying to save it for my hols.
    I’ve yet to watch this week’s Grey’s. Didn’t get time yesterday but will be watching later today. I’d better make sure to get the tissues ready. Last two episodes next week, I believe. Gulp.

  4. Joan says:

    Hi Tree, I have just read your long post and really enjoyed what you have been up to. I hope the weather is kinder to you. I am ploughing my way through the Outlander series – for the fourth time…audio…when I am hand sewing. As I have been a bit side tracked lately – I have it ready to sit and listen to again. Its good to have a cry at times…I deliberately wont watch anything sad at present, as it makes my eyes really painful…I was home alone last week and had to talk to myself sternly and pause the film and come back after a bit…and go through it all again.
    Sorry to rambel on…but its nice to meet up again.

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