Pesky quilt is finished!

Finishedpesky I was determined to have this finished this weekend, not because there's any particular rush -just because I'm itching to get on with the ORB quilt and about a dozen other things, lol! Anyway here is the pesky quilt hanging on my washing line (there were no handy slaves to hold it up for me). It's waiting for its binding to be put on in the pic but I've since sewn that on with lovely mitred corners and am now going to sit down in front of the tele and do the hand sewing…after a celebratory bit of Toblerone πŸ˜€ There's a bit more quilting on here than I originally intended, it was well worth the effort though, it feels lovely – I used one of those multi-coloured embroidery threads, it had just the right colours…pale gold through to a chestnut type colour . The gold triangles in the corners are stippled all over (freehand, no paper pattern) and the snowball blocks each have the four stippled hearts on them. The 9 patch blocks have diagonal lines going through them  -  making it so that the middle one has crossed lines and finally, the applique is quilted around. 

Back to the strippin' tomorrow after some jobs then πŸ˜€
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One Response to Pesky quilt is finished!

  1. Toni says:

    Beautiful quilt and the colours just cry out ‘snug & cosy’.
    Toni :o)

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