Chocolat Charms

Chocolatcharms Once upon a few years ago, I went mad and bought a pack of charm squares just because they were pretty! Last summer I spied them lurking in my fabric drawer and felt guilty. I had just had a little spend on some new fabric and there lurking in the drawer were these pretty squares. I determined that they should lurk no longer and so, while I was awaiting delivery of the new pretty fabric I decided I would put my time to good use and turn the Chocolat charms into a little lap quilt – a quick, cheap and easy project. Or so I thought. I stitchted them all together – they looked lovely. I showed them to my husband. He thought they looked lovely and asked me how big the quilt would be when it was finished 😮 It is finished I said. Oh, it would look super if it was twice the size he said. I pointed out that I was trying to use up stuff not buy more. Anyway, he was adamant that it should be bigger. I scoured the internet in search of another charm pack and thought I'd found one. I managed to order the wrong pack – a pack of Chocolat charms yes, but the flannels and plaids. Very nice but not the required item. I again scoured the internet and managed to find another pack of the right charms. So, this quick, cheap and easy project took over my life and turned into something much larger than I intended. Once the squares were all stitched together, exhausted by scouring the internet for more charm packs and something to bind with, I abandoned the quilt top and it lurked in my little pile of unfinished items until a few weeks ago when I was overcome by a sudden urge to rid myself of unfinished projects – there were 3 in my pile. Now there is only one – a cat quilt (McKenna Ryan pattern) which is intended for my sister…eventually!

This quilt is really simply quilted around the border with a stipple design and the rest of it is held together with those really pretty cream buttons – foolishly I thought that the buttons would be quicker than quilting the whole thing…how wrong I was! I like how they look though so that's ok, it was worth the time and effort 🙂

In between all this finishing off I'm diligently working on my Tail Feathers quilt which is coming along beautifully…there is a lot of stitching to do each month but I enjoy that – it's time that's the enemy!
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3 Responses to Chocolat Charms

  1. Natty says:

    Goodness me, this is mega productiveness I am seeing! Very nice indeedy. :oD

  2. Toni says:

    It is lovely Theresa – gosh you have been sooooooooo busy lately.
    Toni :o)

  3. Ang says:

    Ooooh Tree, the quilt is lovely mi dear & well worth the hassle. Delicious in fact. xx

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