What seems like a gazillion years ago now, my Mum taught me how to make Granny squares. Now, knitting and crocheting were something of a challenge for me at a tender age as I was a left hander learning from right handed teachers. Things like starting off a row in knitting were a complete mystery and purling – well, that was just impossible! I did eventually crack the knitting thing and moved on from simple knitting and purling to making lacy patterns and aran designs with twists and bobbles and such. I loved all of that. Sadly, my children are no longer 'into' woolly clothing items so I don't knit so much now. 

Grannysquare I made less progress with crocheting than I did with knitting. I never progressed beyond the Granny Square…and even then, I had to have Mum start the thing off for me…that circle in the middle and whatnot – it was all Greek to me. I've been promising myself for quite a number of years that I'd get back into crochet…the worry of that circle has been putting me off though. This week I finally bit the bullet and entered the sewing shop in town and requested a crochet hook with which to make Granny Squares. Quite how I exited the shop with not only the hook but also a pattern and some yarn to crochet a bag I do not know. The lady in the shop is really nice and very helpful. Perhaps a little too nice and too helpful for my purse! Anyhow, I thought it best to revise what I already had learned many years ago…and teach myself how to make that darned circle in the middle! I am delighted to say that there was great success and I managed the circle and got the square going…that wool, it was just hanging around – ideal for practising with but it will never be made into a blanket or whatever…it was quite cheerful to look at on this rainy, rainy day though.

Feeling buoyed by the success with the circle making business I decided to have a little read of the bag pattern. You can hear it coming can't you? Yes, I made a huge gaff here because I have absolutely no idea how to get beyond the first row of the pattern 😮 It is beyond my skills, I do not understand the lingo at all. Here is what it says…

Make 33ch.

Round 1 : (RS) 2dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1 dc into each of next 30 ch, 4 dc into last ch. DO NOT TURN, but continue to work back along the other side of the chain as follows: 1 dc into each of the next 30 ch, 2 dc into next ch, ss to first dc. (68 sts)

Now I can read a knitting pattern and see in my head what's taking place – I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON HERE. I am fine up to the point it tells me not to turn the work and then I've lost it completely – am I supposed to going backwards, is that the answer? I'll have to pay the lady in the shop a little visit tomorrow and own up to being a complete crocheting nitwit 

Tailfeathers1 I thought I'd post a pretty picture of my Tail Feathers block…just to show how far behind I am 😮 I only do it in the evenings while listening to a spot of tele and even that tailed off somewhat during another recent dose of tooth problems. I am resolved to catch up with it though. I need to press on with the crocheting mind you – I've promised to teach Catherine how to make Granny Squares…thank goodness she didn't see the bag in the shop and want to make that 😮
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3 Responses to Nostalgia

  1. Toni says:

    Not easy is it LOL perhaps the ‘nice’ lady in the shop can translate for you.
    Toni :o)

  2. Natty says:

    You need Carole STAT – she is the crochet queen, I would love to be able to make granny squares so I can get a rug made, but the cost of the wool not to mention my inability to complete projects is saying NOOOOOOOO!!! hehe

  3. Helen says:

    I was hoping you’d be up to crochet flowers by now so you could teach me :o)
    Another award on my blog for you.

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