Helping a new convert to sewing…

A couple of Friday's ago, I met Karen at Patchwork Chicks in Barrowford – she wanted to make her first quilt and thought I could help her choose the fabric. We had a lovely time in the shop and she chose some beautiful fabrics – browns, creams, blues. I was very good and only bought the binding for Matthew's quilt and the batting and binding for Catherine's quilt – that one is only cut out as yet, not sewn up but I was thinking I wouldn't be going to the shop for a while after this visit. Last Friday…we went again! Karen had sewn up all her fabric and was in need of batting, backing and binding. I gave myself a good talking to before I entered the shop…I have enough projects in progress you see. It turned out to be a waste of time! On my first ever visit to this shop I had spotted a lovely tote bag on display and had fallen in love with it – it was a sample for a class and the class was on a day that I couldn't attend. This visit though – the class had been and gone and…there was a pattern for sale. Need I say more 😮


I finished it last night – I absolutely love it…those pockets on the side perfectly accommodate the little plastic containers that I use for a project's worth of embroidery silks. It's coming on holiday with me and I'm going to put my Tail Feathers block and Quilt Aid block for this month in it and maybe a little crochet as well…it's really rather roomy!

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2 Responses to Helping a new convert to sewing…

  1. Toni says:

    Now that is one fab bag – clever you.
    Toni :o)

  2. Margaret says:

    The bag is gorgeous and I’m happy to say I have that pattern in my “to do soon” pile.
    Seeing your lovely bag has inspired me.

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