Back from holiday…

and time for a review of books read! Things are a bit mixed up on the book lists as I didn't keep them updated during the summer holidays. During August I polished off a couple more of Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilters books which I enjoyed very much – the library have been able to provide me with a steady supply of these books I'm pleased to say so I have more in my 'pile' to read. I also finished off the Aurora Teagarden series by reading the last two books…again, provided by the library. Although murder stories they're a definite comfort read and I enjoyed them and was pleased that Roe got a happily ever after 😀 I also read the first book that Charlaine Harris published entitled A Secret Rage…another good comfort read and also provided by the library. Next up was the latest Sookie Stackhouse (another library book!) which I devoured the day before we went on holiday – interesting developments there, a bit of a shame as I rather liked the angle that seems to be disappearing…I suppose that nothing is set in stone though!

So August turned out to be a bit of a Charlaine Harrise fest!!! I took 4 books on holiday with me that I had been saving just for that occasion. I caught up with Karen Chance by reading the latest Cassie Palmer and then went on to read her Midnight's Daughter…glad I read them in that order but I will not elaborate further in case there are any Karen Chance fans reading this who haven't read these two books yet. Next one was The Girl Who Played with Fire which I've been bursting to read since I finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I was not disappointed, it was smashing and now I'm bursting for the last one of course! I think it'll be quite a wait until the paperback is out though. Now, the fourth book that I had taken along – the latest Harry Dresden in paperback – Small Favor, I let the dh read. We had both been really, really looking forward to this and I felt it only fair that as I had 3 other smashing books to read he should get to read Harry first. 

What I hadn't remembered was that the dh is a slow reader…he didn't finish it until after we got home 😮 which left me stuck for a read then. Fortunately, he had taken along my recommendation of The Eight so I re-read that! This was a good thing really as it's one of my all time favourite books and I have The Fire to read so a good refresh of events will stand me in good stead when I start that one.

A Kinsey Millhone bookring arrived on Friday – I finished that on Sunday. Good but such a swift ending – I'm looking forward to receiving J next.

Dear Fatty arrived in the post this morning – a bookray. Although I'm reading The Book of Shadows (super good witchy stuff) I have made a start on this Dawn French book. I've only read about the first 20 or so pages, I'm not sure how I like the idea of it all being written as letters but I will persevere.

Plenty of sewing adventures to update on but I need to get the pics off the card first of all. I did take a heap of stitching on holiday with me and then I spent the time I wasn't either reading or going off on adventures doing crochet! Got my bag finished though…I'm delighted with it and it just needs lining and then I can put it to good use.

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  1. Natty says:

    Oooh is the book of shadows a bookcrossing one then? Will have to go check it out on amazon and see what the synopsis is… might be in the mood for witchy stuff. 🙂

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