Stitching catch up…

Just as we were about to leave for our holiday I grabbed my bag of crochet stuff…just in case I ran out of sewing and reading to do – there was of course no chance of that as I'd prepared quite a lot of stitchy stuff to do on holiday, lol! As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a little carried away with the crocheting and in fact – never touched the stitching at all šŸ˜® I made a multitude of little granny squares for a baby blanket and finished off this bag…


I photographed it outside this morning as it's lovely sunny here today so the colours are a bit washed out – it's a lovely blue/green/cream yarn. I thoroughly enjoyed making this and it was really fairly quick once I got over the problem with how to start off.

Before we went away, I finished of the second of the Tail Feathers blocks – I love these quilt blocks fulll of little birds.


More outdoors photography this morning! See the little pods in the bottom block – all blanket stitch…yum yum! I think I mentioned that I'm a little behind on this project – still finishing off block 3 and block 4 has arrived šŸ˜® That's this week's task to complete and I'm getting there. 

I also have some Quilt Aid blocks in progress – one a stitchery similar to the Tail Feathers and also by Natalie Lymer, another one is all raw edge applique finished with more yummy blanket stitch and the third one, by Sue Daley, has some English paper piecing on it. I was really excited to do that one as I've not tried EPP before. Unfortunately though, when the kit arrived there was a piece of fabric missing and the background fabric piece was too small. I contacted the shop to let them know and when we returned from our hols the replacements were waiting for me – I'm hoping to get playing with those again either tonight or this weekend. I did start doing the EPP but had to stop because of the missing fabric…I'm eager to get going again and even more excited that the finishing kit that I bought, also designed by Sue Daley, has more English paper piecing in it.

Last week I went to the Great Northern Quilt Show…dutifully chaffeured by the dh bless him. I have photos to share of some of the quilts that were on display there tomorrow.

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One Response to Stitching catch up…

  1. Toni says:

    Beautiful stuff Theresa – I really love that bag.
    Toni :o)

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