Great Northern Quilt Show

As I mentioned in my last post – I went to the Harrogate show last Friday along with the dh who was my willing chauffeur – he enjoyed looking at the quilts…was a bit bored while I was shopping but fortunately had his ipod touch in his pocket for a bit of light entertainment! I didn't actually shop for too long and didn't buy much fabric…just two pieces of rather lovely silk with which to practise trapunto. I also bought a quilting hoop and stand and book on how to crochet flowers. I photographed a selection of the quilts that were on display and here they are for your enjoyment. (the pictures will go bigger if you click on them).


I loved this one – it was a lot of lovely applique and of course – that gorgeous tree in the middle!


This was the winner – no surprise there, it was absolutely perfectly sewn, really stunning.


Wow! what a stunner – wonderful work.


This was just gorgeous. Now you can't tell from the photo properly but all of the pieces for those stars were fussy cut so that the design met up in the middle.


Now – I am not a fan of red normally but how dramatic is this? Very eye catching and fabulous design.


Lovely hand quilting.


I loved this – it was made by a quilting group, each strip being made by one person.


Some more fabulous hanging mini quilts from a different quilting group.


Very dramatic and stunning.


A clever idea, beautifully made…I've a bit of a 'thing' for shaped edges!


This was on loan from an American Designer – wow!


Another quilt on loan from the same designer as above – these quilts were huge and beautifully made.


I love pinwheels.


This was breathtaking – all raw edge applique…and as you can see, it won a well deserved prize – I wanted bring it home with me 😮
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2 Responses to Great Northern Quilt Show

  1. Natty says:

    Very nice! But please tell me there were no Moda jelly rolls and the like for sale at cheap show deals! :oS

  2. I just saw the picture of the fussy cut quilt from the great northern quilt show. I thought I recognized it and sure enough, the box with the kit is in my closet. I bought that kit at den haan and wagemakers in Amsterdam last year. Do you have the digital photo at original size? If so, would love to have a larger version when I start the quilt. Thanks. Love your blog.

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