What sort of crafter are you?

Are you the sort that starts and finishes a project before moving on to another one? Or are you the type that has a gazillion things on the go at once?

I am type 2!

I think the only crafting area that I cover where there is currently no activity whatsoever is scrapping…and cardmaking but maybe cards don't count as I've currently been pondering over a Christmas card design!

In knitting – I have the stripey cardigan on the go and of course, my Fair Isle type socks. The cardigan was flourishing due to the great error on the socks. Last Sunday night I took the sock and ripped it right back and now it's grown tremendously 😀

In crochet – there is a granny square blanket on the go, and I'm contemplating a ripple blanket

In patchwork – the lovely Tail Feathers is on the go, the Quilt Aid quilt is on the go, Matthew's quilt needs its quilting finishing off and Catherine's quilt needs putting together. I'm starting my Dear Jane quilt this month :blush: and I've just commenced some place mats :double blush: I'm sure there's more but I'm embarrassed enough already!

In needlework – well, countless applique projects plus a lovely little pattern called Geranium Cottage – couldn't resist that, I love Geraniums you see.

Here's this week's progress anyway – as you can see, the sock is nearly done, the cardigan is getting there…almost up to the arms and that's my second Quilt Aid block being blanket stitched.


Now…if I could just locate my tape measure I would know for sure how much more sock and cardigan I need to knit!

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