Oops…naughty naughty!

I was having a little surf through some of my favourite blogs this morning – it's really not my fault you see. I've been noticing these little Biscornu pincushions all over the place lately – I like pincushions, they're so cute and there are so many different ones to make. Anyway, I was sipping away on my coffee and reading Rebecca's Teahouse when I spotted yet another cute little Biscornu…this one decorated with a pumpkin design and with a link to the manufacturer – I clicked, it was fatal. Ten minutes later I had decided on 2 favourite designs, found a retailer and had bought them 😮 Pretty good going for 6.30am I thought!


Aren't they gorgeous? Far too pretty to stick pins into if you ask me! Should you feel the need to join me in this little bit of naughtiness, hop over to The Sweetheart Tree and check out the loveliness there.

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One Response to Oops…naughty naughty!

  1. Toni says:

    Very pretty and you seem to have been very busy on the wool front…any papercrafting in the offing???
    Toni :o)

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