Baking day…

Spent a lot of time today baking cakes for DD to take on a Guiding pamper weekend. She has gone off with Orange Chocolate chip cake (a favourite of ours, recipe courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa) and cinnamon rolls (recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman). Sadly, I neglected to take a photograph – my kitchen smells divine. Anybody with a love of cinnamon should go over to Pioneer Woman's blog and take down the recipe for the Cinnamon rolls…they are sublime. If you're a citrus fan (like me) then hope over here and get the Barefoot Contessa's recipe. You won't be sorry…until you come to measure your hips of course 😮

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One Response to Baking day…

  1. Natty says:

    Ugh I am glad you didn’t post pictures because I would be drooling all over my desk – not a pretty sight! But my, those delights sound divine!

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