Patchwork of the Crosses #1

I've finished my first POTC block – I like it! When I first bought an Inklingo collection I had no intentions of hand stitching at all, everything was going to be done on my machine. That seems to have changed somewhat now and I've become rather addicted to hand stitching blocks! The pretty fabric at the centre is some that I got on my birthday trip out – this was my first attempt at fussy cutting with the printer – it's not absolutely perfect but I'm happy with the result. Going to print out some more more hexagons tonight – I've already started block 2! 

That's one of this week's goals completed. The other was to finish a Bluebird block that I started a little while ago…and I've thought of a few more since then!

1. Print hexagons

2. Finish Bluebird block (some serious effort required)

3. Finish off cardigan (not much left to do)

4. Make this week's DJ block (freezer paper is on the fabric, just needs cutting out)

Not sure that all that is do-able but I've not got an all consuming read on the go at the moment so it just might be.


Arent' they pretty? I looked at them for months before caving in and getting the download and I am so glad that I did.

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